Izabela Kurzydio.

Audit Team Leader
From Zlotow, Poland

I was born in Zlotow, Poland into a family of 2 children. At school I specialised in accountancy and finances, and went to Szczecin University of Agriculture between 2000 and 2005 to gain a Masters in Economics.  In 2003, I came to Sheeplands Farm as a picker to earn money to pay for my studies, liked the standards of work and accommodation so kept coming back until I finished my studies.

As I finished university I realised there was plenty of opportunity at HHP to develop myself,  so asked about harvesting and auditing jobs and I have been working within HHP ever since. During this time, I have been a harvest supervisor, harvest manager, internal auditor, farms administrator and from 2010 will lead the audit team across all farms with two staff working for me.    

What I like about HHP is that, because I work hard and continue to learn and develop, I can rely on HHP to understand the importance of family and help me to make the most of myself for everyone to benefit.