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waitrose Jaco Olivier. Farm Manager
From South Africa

HHP is giving me a secure work opportunity and I'd like to stay because it is very organised, sets very high standards, they reward staff for the work they do and don't hesitate to invest in people who are willing to put in 100% more..

growing great people

We have many jobs available each season and aim to recruit, retain and develop individuals who aspire to be the best growers and managers in UK horticulture. We have a strong track record of offering levels of training and development that far exceed the industry standard. But first and foremost we regard ourselves as a large family who should all work, play and develop with the support of each other.

We are very proud of the team that we have developed over the last 10 years and are fully committed to improving and growing it in the years ahead. If you want a job that can turn into a career then please contact us via the links on the website.

We are also keen to provide you with accommodation and facilities that create an environment that you enjoy living in, making new friends and experiencing a time that you will look back on with good memories.

Accommodation is available at our farm sites should you wish to use it. Each campsite has mobile homes that are provided as accommodation for all overseas workers. Each mobile home is fully equipped with crockery and bedding and pillows, therefore you only need to bring your own possessions. Each campsite has wireless internet connection for those who wish to bring laptops. The campsites offer various recreational activities, such as a football pitch, volleyball area and game room.

Each season, HHP puts on various forms of entertainment ranging from trips to interesting cities such as London, Cambridge and Oxford. We also organise parties and BBQ´s on the farm together with volleyball, table tennis and football tournaments.

Every berry that we grow has to be carefully picked and looked after to ensure that it reaches our customers in perfect condition. so we need lots of help each year to grow the plants, harvest the berries, pack them and and transport them to our customers.

There are a wide variety of jobs available on the farms. These include;
  • Growing the plants
  • Feeding and watering the plants
  • Planting and looking after the plants
  • Building and managing the polytunnels
  • Picking the fruit
  • Packing the fruit
  • Driving tractors
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