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Iliyana Mishkova - Senior Quality Assurance Officer
From Samokov, Bulgaria

I arrived at Hall Hunter in 2008 working as a packer at Tuesley Farm, in 2011 I starting working as a Quality Assurance Officer at the same site.  I was then promoted further to a Senior Quality Assurance Officer a few years later. more..

The Foundation is a charitable trust and is a legally and financially separate organisation to the Hall Hunter Partnership business.

The sole purpose of the Foundation is the raising of funds through donations in support of good causes. The primary source of the donations is voluntary deductions from Hall Hunter staff paid on their behalf by Hall Hunter to the Foundation.

Mark Hall, Mary Hall and Harry Hall are Trustees of the Foundation. In addition there is a committee of four made up of 1 Trustee and three staff representatives. The staff members of this committee will be elected by all staff and will serve for a period before standing down for someone else to take their place.

The purpose of the Committee is to:
• Agree the Foundations funding protocols
• Seek suggestions for suitable good causes from the Staff
• Meet twice a year to select the good causes to benefit and agree the amount of funding.
• Gain information on good causes and use of funding and benefits provided
• Periodically communicate to all Staff the actions above.

Registered charity number 1142090
Established 31 March 2011

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