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Iliyana Mishkova - Senior Quality Assurance Officer
From Samokov, Bulgaria

I arrived at Hall Hunter in 2008 working as a packer at Tuesley Farm, in 2011 I starting working as a Quality Assurance Officer at the same site.  I was then promoted further to a Senior Quality Assurance Officer a few years later. more..

Sustainable Farming

We are fully committed to developing systems on our farms that ensure that they are environmentally and socially acceptable which ensures that they produce food which our customers want to buy whilst enhancing the fabric and wildlife of the countryside for future generations. We work hard to integrate our production systems, incorporating all of the methods available to us to grow plants that are strong and robust and fruit which is sweet and of the best quality available.

We aim to chill our fruit quickly and efficiently and to capture and reuse the heat produced to either provide warmth or hot water for our staff. The harnessing of renewable energy sources is central to the future development of our farming from both an economic and sustainability perspective.

The minimisation of the use of pesticides through the blending of cultural, biological control and polytunnel technological advances will ensure that the land and the biodiversity upon it stays in good heart and is in a better condition for the next generation.

The pioneering creation of wood rich composts for use in strawberry fields has been shown to increase the levels of bacidiomycete fungi in the soil. These have an association with strawberry roots and enable robust plant growth which is less reliant on artificial inputs.


The planting of trees and woodland creates an environment which is better to work in and live next to, habitats for a broad range of beneficial species and a farm structure that allows wildlife to move around with some protection and security. Combination planting with beetle banks brings a richness and layering of habitats proven to be critical in any thriving ecosystem.

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